French Bulldog Puppies for Sale

We have several Frenchies available, but act fast! Our adorable puppies usually don’t remain available for long. All of the puppies pictured on this page are available for sale. For updates on puppies not yet posted, call us today! Each puppy is hand delivered; We never ship in cargo!

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Four puppies in a wagon from Lindor French Bulldogs

FEMALE---BLUE solid!! Special dna for solid coat. (aa is the genetic code) and she carries chocolate as well! Scrappy is her dad- she can produce pups like him. $8000 includes breeding rights with AKC. 6 months old

FULL LITTER OF LILACS! DUE AROUND JUNE 2. Lyla and Scrappy. Pet prices will be $7500 Male, $8000 female. breeding rights available for additional $1000. TOP QUALITY. not many can compare to Scrappy offspring!

MALE---LILAC PIED, eyes will stay light! Pet price $6500, breeding rights $1000 additional. he can make all color combos. he carries cream and for tan points

MALE---BLUE BRINDLE. Dark blue coat color., Pet price $4000. 7 weeks old

MALE---BLUE & TAN. $4500 pet price , 7 weeks old

MALE---RED BLUE FAWN. Very unique beautiful color. Pet price $3500

French Bulldogs

Lindor French Bulldogs

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