French Bulldog Puppies for Sale

We have several Frenchies available, but act fast! Our adorable puppies usually don’t remain available for long. All of the puppies pictured on this page are available for sale. For updates on puppies not yet posted, call us today! Each puppy is hand delivered; We never ship in cargo!

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Four puppies in a wagon from Lindor French Bulldogs

FEMALE---BLUE. Super sweet with her little "bunny" ears. Pet price $5500, ready to go.

MALE---BLUE PIED, flashy markings! Pet price $4500, ready to go.

MALE--BLUE BRINDLE, adorable little guy who is ready for his new home! $4500 pet price, breeding rights additional

FEMALE---SABLE W/ BLACK MASK. Pet price $2500, (0391)

MALE---CHOCOLATE aa solid, that carries blue and no brindle. Pet price $3500, breeding rights additional. He is complete package to make lilac solids, like Scrappy/ on adult male page. rare dna

MALE---LILAC & TAN TRINDLE. Body will be solid, slight brindle on bottom of legs where tan markings would be. SPECIAL PRICE $3500 PET

MALE---DEEP SOLID CHOCOLATE. A rare dna (not black), but a solid coat that will never develop stripes. He carries blue, to create the rare color combo of solid lilac, like Scrappy, on my adults page. $3500

FEMALE---TOP quality LILAC. she carries cream and can make tan points and solids with her DNA, as well as lilac platinums. This quality is not around everywhere! $10,000 full breeding rights.

MALE---BLUE brindle. Pet price $4000

MALE---blue fawn. tan coat with an overlay of blue/silver. very pretty! Pet price $4000

MALE---Black & white pied. super sweet! $3000 pet price. breeding rights additional

French Bulldogs

Lindor French Bulldogs

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