French Bulldog Puppies for Sale

We have several Frenchies available, but act fast! Our adorable puppies usually don’t remain available for long. All of the puppies pictured on this page are available for sale. For updates on puppies not yet posted, call us today! Each puppy is hand delivered; We never ship in cargo!

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Four puppies in a wagon from Lindor French Bulldogs

MALE---MINI Black Merle, he carries chocolate, and for tan points. Mom is Murphy. REDUCED Pet price $3500-will be small!

MALE---MINI SOLID blue. dna that will never develop brindle stripes. est. 20 lb or less adult. $6000 pet price

FEMALE--- Blue solid. Pet price $6500. Supreme quality! Solid deep blue coat, no stripes

MALE---Chocolate fawn Merle. eyes will stay light! gorgeous color. Pet price $4000

MALE---BLUE & TAN. Adorable face! Pet price $5000

FEMALE---Black and tan trindle.-meaning, body will be solid jet black, only slight striping will show on bottom of legs, where tan points would normally show. SPECIAL Pet price $3000. Top Quality

MALE---LILAC. --WHEN STUNNING QUALITY MATTERS! This lilac boy carries the "a" gene, which can make solids or tan points. Scrappy/Lyla litter. $7000 pet price, breeding rights additional

FEMALE-- Fawn pied. Gorgeous head on this girl. I have her half sister who is 15 lbs @ 18 months old! Pet price $4500, she is a quad carrier and can make any color! breeding rights additional

MALE---LILAC/TAN TRINDLE. Body will be solid, light stripes on bottom of legs. Pet price $6500, beautiful silver shade

MALE---LILAC & TAN PIED CARRY CREAM!! NO brindle. Perfect in every way. will be small adult. $7000 pet price

MALE---ADORABLE, lilac brindle . Scrappy and Kylie son $7000 pet price

MALE---SOLID BLUE mini. Est. 20 lbs adult. $6000 pet. deep blue color.

MALE--WHITE. super cute and great personality! Pet price $4500

FEMALE---blue SOLID, carries chocolate. 9 months old, can make solids or tan points, lilacs, blues, chocolates. Being sold with AKC breeding rights $8500. Scrappy daughter

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