Lilac And Tan French Bulldog Puppies

Lilac and tan French Bulldogs are very rare and feature a beautiful sleek silver shade coat with accents of tan on the face and legs. The lilac coat has no brindling for a smooth, striking result that is complemented by the contrasting tan markings that highlight the puppy’s chest, eyes and face, and lower legs. The most stunning feature about a lilac and tan is the puppy’s light eye color, which will remain light as an adult. Learn about purchasing your lilac and tan Frenchie today!

  • Complete DNA testing with the color department of canine DNA profiling is provided for guaranteed coloring and genetic makeup.
  • All puppies are eligible for full AKC registration, and a three generation pedigree chart is included with adoption.
  • Your puppy will receive a full veterinarian examination prior to delivery and one-year health guarantee from the date of sale against any illnesses diagnosed at time of delivery or genetic disorders.
  • All puppies are up to date on immunizations and preventive treatments for worms, fleas/ticks. A vaccine history is supplied to the new owner at time of sale.
A tan puppy for sale through Lindor French Bulldogs

A tan puppy standing near a bush ready to be purchased through Lindor French Bulldogs

A lilac and tan French bulldog puppy for sale by Lindor French Bulldogs

A lilac and tan puppy available for purchase through Lindor French Bulldogs

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